Participating Members

View, search, save and/or print the Participating Members list.



LIVE Participating Members

LIVE Participants are entities that submit data to our Health Information Exchange.View, search, save and/or print the LIVE Participating Members list.



Search filters

The interactive participant map has new functionality. The map allows filtering of the participant data in a number of ways to best meet your needs. To perform a search, type a city, a zip code, a clinic or hospital name into the search box. The map can identify the nearest participating location to an address or zip code entered. If searching by name, a drop down list will appear with possible selections. You can select one of the options from the list by either using your mouse, or the arrow keys on your keyboard. If using the keyboard, you will need to hit “Enter” after selecting a participant. The map will update to include only those results that match your search and it will zoom closer to the selected location. To zoom in closer, continue to tap the “Enter.”


Print/Save your results

Need to print your search results? This interactive map presents the opportunity to print or save the participant listing as a PDF.